Elastodynamic analysis of an edge cracked

In this research, the elastic behavior of an edge cracked dissimilar bonded strip subjected to remote tensile load is investigated using the proportional crack tip opening displacement method based on fe analysis for arbitrary material combinations. In the last example, the interaction of an edge crack and a crack parallel with the centerline of a strip is examined, fig. The boundary element method and pathindependent integrals in sensitivity analysis of structures with stress concentration. Transform methods are used to reduce the boundary value problem to a single integral equation that can be solved by the wienerhopf technique.

Antiplane elastodynamic analysis of a cracked orthotropic strip. Elastodynamic analysis of an edge crack journal of. Nonsmooth optimization algorithms of udzawas type for solution of. The method is based on the observation that the particle velocity is selfsimilar. Timedomain traction boundary integral equations bies are applied for this purpose, to both crackfaces and external boundaries of the cracked solid. Antiplane harmonic elastodynamic stress analysis of an infinite wedge with a circular cavity gang liu.

Little, prenticehall 1973 in journal of applied mechanics, 41, 1974, p. Laplace and fourier transforms together with the wienerhopf technique are employed to solve the equations of motion in terms of displacements. Other examples are the shear strain at a given distance ahead of the crack edge and the crack edge sliding displacement just behind the crack edge. Keer, 1980 solid contact and lubrication, american society of mechanical engineers special publication. Elastodynamic analysis of a cracked orthotropic halfplane applied mathematical modelling issue 2350 2012 pp. Elastodynamic analysis of an edge crack introduction among the crack configurations that are usually considered in fracture mechanics, the surfacebreaking crack is of distinct practical. It is found that the deformation fields near the notch tip are modeii dominant. Mokashi, nonlinear vibration of an edge cracked beam with a cohesive zone ii. The mode mixity parameter can be changed in an orthotropic plate by adjusting the ratio of the youngs moduli in the axial and the transverse direction. Louca 1 sep 20 engineering fracture mechanics, vol.

To simulate the asymmetric impact of a projectile on the cracked edge of the plate, a normal velocity is suddenly imposed on the boundary of the plate on one side of the edge crack. Elastodynamics article about elastodynamics by the free. The primary objective of this book is to give the reader a basic understanding of waves and their propagation in a linear elastic continuum. Perturbation analysis of eulerbernoulil beam vibration using a nonlinear spring for damage representation, journal of the mechanics. Tensile tests were conducted on singleedge cracked plate specimens in the bore of a superconducting magnet at room temperature, and the critical load was determined. Antiplane elastodynamic analysis of cracked graded.

An investigation of the elastodynamic fields for the edgecrack configuration is presented, considering only elastodynamic stressintensity factors generated by surface motion. Elastodynamic analysis of an edge crack northwestern. Elastodynamic analysis of a mechanism with flexible links. Search algorithm, and simulation of elastodynamic crack. For the time being, the idealized crack is assumed to have no thickness, that is, in the absence of applied loads the two faces of the crack coincide with the same surface in space. A tool for defining the deformation behavior of virtual tissues1 arne radetzky, dipl. However, having the solutions to the corresponding direct problems is a prerequisite to the inverse problems. Derivation of element stiffness matrices by assumed stress. Based on the finite element software abaqus and graded element method, we developed a dummy node fracture element, wrote the user subroutines umat and uel, and solved the energy release rate component of functionally graded material fgm plates with cracks. Request pdf elastodynamic analysis of a plane weakened by several cracks the stress fields in an infinite plane containing volterra type climb and glide edge dislocations under timeharmonic.

The stress intensity factor is calculated and is shown graphically. This paper applies the theory for magnetoelasticity to solve the plane problem of an edge crack in a soft ferromagnetic halfplane subjected to a farfield tension and a uniform magnetic field. A threedimensional analysis of a half plane crack in a transversely isotropic solid is performed. Elastodynamic analysis for slow tectonic loading with spontaneous rupture episodes on faults with rate and statedependent friction the harvard community has made this article openly available. The crack is subjected to a pair of suddenlyapplied normal line loadings on its faces. Beskos an improved implementation of time domain elastodynamic biem in 3d for large scale problems and its application to ultrasonic nde.

Seyed mahmoud mousavi, shahriar fariborz, antiplane elastodynamic analysis of cracked graded orthotropiclayers with viscous damping, applied mathematical modelling, vol. Analysis of an isotropic finite wedge under antiplane deformation. For a broad class of static loads the stressintensity factor for the. Elastodynamic analysis of the finite punch and finite. Chensingular enrichment finite element method for elastodynamic crack. Wavefront fields in the scattering of elastic waves by. The effect of geometric configurations on the elastic. In the present paper we investigate elastodynamic fields for the edgecrack configuration. The magnetoelastic analysis of a soft ferromagnetic strip with a singleedge crack was also performed. Pdf antiplane elastodynamic analysis of cracked graded. Boundary element method bem along with constrained optimization algorithm which is based on variational principles and nonsmooth analysis. Solution of linear elastostatic and elastodynamic plane.

Description of program or function samcr is a twodimensional, elastodynamic, finite element code for the stress analysis of moving cracks. Consider a body of nominally elastic material that contains a crack. Abstract an accurate hybrid displacement elastodynamic finite element. Different variational formulations of unilateral contact problems with friction based on boundary variational principle are considered. Nonsmooth optimization algorithms in some problems of. It is a simplification of the more general nonlinear theory of elasticity and a branch of continuum mechanics the fundamental linearizing assumptions of linear elasticity are. Several methodologies of analysis have been developed in the research field of geometric continuum mechanics 14, 15, limit analysis 1619, homogenization 20, elastodynamics 2125, thermal problems 2628, random composites 2932, and nonlocal and gradient formulations 3338.

Graduate thesis or dissertation elastodynamic analysis of a propagating finite crack in a micropolar elastic solid public deposited. We eated the time evolution of the stressmtenslty factor m a employ a higherorder plate theory in which both trans double edge cracked plate. Solution of the 3d elastodynamic contact problem for body with. In each case the plate edges parallel to the crack are loaded in a. It has been observed that if a steel plate containing an edge crack is struck by a projectile on. Elastodynamic fracture analysis of multiple cracks by. The index of stress singularity is ascertained from a plot of log stress vs. The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. The analysis developed in preceding section, allows the consideration of an orthotropic halfplane with multiple curved cracks subjected to timeharmonic concentrated applied load traction. In a numerical analysis of dynamic fracture problems perfom1ed by chen. The twodimensional elastodynamic problem of a semiinfinite plate containing an edge crack is considered. Fracture initiation due to asymmetric impact loading of an.

The numerical example of a rectangular plate with an edge crack is solved and. Analysis of elastodynamic deformations near a cracknotch. A twodimensional 2d hypersingular timedomain traction bem for transient elastodynamic crack analysis is presented in this paper. Antiplane harmonic elastodynamic stress analysis of an. Journal of applied mechanics, transactions asme, 47. Kasaeian elastodynamic analysis of a functionally graded halfplane with multiple subsurface crack acta mechanica solida sinica issue 1 2012 pp. The cracked half plane is subjected to a class of timeharmonic line. As the distance between r 1 and l 2 reduces k iii l 2 increases, at a h. Aoki s, kishimoto k 1978 elastodynamic analysis of crack by finite. Analysis of dynamic fracture parameters in functionally. Elastodynamic analysis for slow tectonic loading with. The studies of elastodynamic theory and its application to fundamental value problems should prepare the reader to tackle many physical problems of general interest in engineering and geophysics, and of particular interest in mechanics and seismology. The wave equation in elastodynamic wave propagation in a nonhomogeneous anisotropic elastic medium occupying a bounded domain. This article derives the elastodynamic image forces experienced by both straight screw and edge dislocations, moving and quiescent, in the presence of a planar free surface.

Fourier transform techniques are used to formulate the mixed boundary value problem as a singular integral equation. Singh, fatigue crack growth analysis of a homogeneous plate in the presence of multiple defects using extended isogeometric analysis, journal of the brazilian society of mechanical sciences and engineering, 10. We set k 1, ci load vector f are given by distance to the third nearest neighboring node from the node xi with nodes equidistant from xi counted once, and mij fa p cracked body using the extended finite element method m. Time domain boundary element method for dynamic stress. To simulate the asymmetric impact of a projectile on the cracked edge of the plate, a normal velocity is suddenly imposed. The simplest configuration is the twodimensonal normal edgecrack in an elastic half plane. Elastodynamic analysis of an edge crack asme digital collection. R2 is a bounded domain with boundary we consider the following twodimensional elastodynamic problem. The code can be used to provide useful information about the mode i fracture behavior of bodies under a combination of mechanical, thermal, and pressure loadings for materials that permit a linearelastic fracture mechanics assumption. The method of homogeneous solutions is applied to the problem of elastodynamic crack propagation from the vertex of a wedge.

Elastodynamic analysis of a cracked orthotropic halfplane. A numerical solution procedure is developed for solving the. The cracked half plane is subjected to a class of timeharmonic line loads which are applied to its free surface. An interface element tailored for the virtual crack closure technique vcct was applied. Solution for the stress intensity factor history around the punch corner and crack tip is found.

The transient finite element analysis of cracked plates. A closed form solution is obtained giving the shear stress and particle velocity in the vicinity of the moving crack tip. Mathematical statement of elastodynamic contact problem for cracked body with considering unilateral restrictions and friction of the crack faces is done in classical and weak forms. In what follows install examples, the ratios of the moduli of elasticity of the orthotropic plane are taken as f 0. Pretschner, md a main goal of surgical simulators is the creation of virtual training environments for prospective surgeons. Department ofmathematics and systems analysis,aaltouniversity,espoo, fi00076, finland jeonghun. In addition, the range of variation of sif at crack tip l 2 in orthotropic layer is higher than that in isotropic one. Analysis of elastodynamic deforn1ations near a cracknotch tip by the mlpg method 719 parameters ci and k control its shape. Numerical simulation of loading edge cracks by edge impact using. Analysis of elastodynamic deformations near a cracknotch tip by. The laplace finite element alternating method, which combines the laplace transform technique and the finite element alternating method, is developed to deal with the elastodynamic analysis of a finite plate with multiple cracks.

Quantitative modeling of coupled piezoelastodynamic. Numerical simulation of loading edge cracks by edge impact using the extended. Free and forced vibrations of thick rectangular plates. The transient elastodynamic response of the finite punch and finite crack problems in orthotropic materials is examined. Thus, a crankrodslider mechanism its considered for this elastodynamic analysis which is performed in two stages, respectively the modal analysis where the natural frequencies are established and eigen vibrations forms computation, which suppose to. A 2d hypersingular timedomain traction bem for transient. The dual boundary element method in the laplace transform domain is used for the accurate dynamic analysis of cracked bodies. Linear elasticity is a mathematical model of how solid objects deform and become internally stressed due to prescribed loading conditions.

Interfacial cracking in a graded coatingsubstrate system. Elastodynamic analysis of a plane weakened by several cracks. Sih, 9789028601567, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. An orthotropic fgm layer with an edge or embedded crack perpendicular to the boundary under impact. Contact mechanics and wear of railwheel systems, ed. In this work a fast solver for largescale threedimensional elastodynamic crack problems is presented, implemented, and tested.

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