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The most common tool that the blind currently use to navigate is the standard white cane. We decided to modify and enhance the walking cane, since blind are only able to detect objects by touch or by cane. The smart cane is geared towards an elderly, less affluent demographic group that would demand comfort, accessibility, and affordability from the product. The cane can automatically detect the obstacle in front of the person and give them a feedback response by vibrating the walking stick and giving a warning sound.

Apr 24, 2017 smart assistive shoe and cane for the blind people. It is necessary that a smart solution is proposed for the blind people so that they can use this in their daily life. We here propose an advanced blind stick that allows visually challenged people to navigate with ease using advanced technology. The user sweeps the caneback and forth in front of them. Nov 23, 2016 an enterprising researcher from the university of manchester has developed a prototype tool that could help transform the lives of the blind and visually impaired. Smart blind stick project using arduino and sensors. Eece498 electrical engineering senior design project. Guide cane is used like the widely used white cane, where the user holds the guide cane in front of the user while walking. Development of smart cane massachusetts institute of. We seek in our project to provide a smart stick affordable and suitable for.

The concept includes vibrationbased gps navigation, ultrasonic proximity sensors. Create a smart blind stick using arduino plus 3 sonars. In 12th international conference on mobility and transport for elderly and disabled persons, 2010. Smart cane project is to eliminate this problem by designing, building, and testing a cane for the blind that utilizes computer and sensory technology to provide object detection capabilities and freedom of physical range. Smart blind stick blind people who suffer from a severe reduction in vision that cannot be corrected with conventional means, such as refractive correction or medication and reduces a persons ability to function at certain or all tasks. Smart assistive shoe and cane for the blind people youtube. Also, at times using a white cane could result in scratching a parked vehicle with a cane, bumping into another person, etc. An intelligent walking stick for the visuallyimpaired people. Since graduation, they have been associated with this project in voluntary and individual capacity. Ultrasonic sensor sends high frequency pulses, these pulses reflects from object and takes as echo, time between echo and trig is measured by the microcontroller or arduino which is. Design and implementation of smart cane for visually. You could say the devicechews finalyear industrial design thesis project at the national university of singaporeis a smart cane. This system uses raspberry pi, it is a small processing device which works as computer at relatively low cost.

The guide cane is designed to help the visuallyimpaired users navigate safely and quickly among obstacles and other hazards. How to make a smart cane for the visually impaired with. All the changes suggested by users have been put in as list. This paper reports on a study that helps visuallyimpaired people to walk more confidently. Chapter two illustrates some design alternatives such as the glove and jacket designs compared to the blind stick. The blind walking stick has been finally made into prototype which can be used to guide the blind. Its aims to solve the problems faced by the blind people in their daily life.

Using the ultrasonic sensor, arduino board, and vibration motor, the smart cane greatly increases the object detection range of the white cane, thereby improving the lives of the visually. We seek in our project to provide a smart stick affordable and suitable for most blind people, and also it. Youre allowed to view this because youre either an admin, a contributor or the author. Prototype smart cane could transform lives of the blind.

Smart stick for blind man is a machine that can follow a path. Smart cane has been designed by students from central. Smart stick using arduino uno full project with source code. You can help check out revolutionary smart cane for the visually impaired on indiegogo. Sandeep singh gujral, an occupational therapist was an intern. The path can be visible like a backline on a white surface or viceversa or it can be invisible like a magnetic field. The white cane, due to its primitive design, is unable to offer the blind and visually impaired a level of independence. In this project, the system is has been made as a part of the blind persons shoe. Smart stick for the blind a complete solution to reach the destination. Smart stick detects obstacles in front of the blind. Blind and visually impaired people find difficulties in detecting obstacles during walking in the street. Short paperan intelligent walking stick for the visuallyimpaired people fig. The blind man uses an earphone to listen to the navigation directions that are coming from the gps and buzzer alarm to warn by sound. To aid these people, we have developed a low cost cane incorporating modern mechanisms for.

Once the project is completed, the cane design will be. In this project we are using ultrasonic sensors, water sensor, buzzer, bluetooth module. Since the beginning of the white cane usage it never got innovated and visually impaired. This arduino smart blind stick project requires two separate circuits. Smart blind stick using arduino use arduino for projects. The study hypothesizes that a smart cane that alerts visuallyimpaired people over. Blind stick is an innovative stick designed for visually disabled people for improved navigation. Pdf effective fast response smart stick for blind people. Wewalk smart cane has free mobile applications for ios and android. Smart white cane an elegant and economic walking aid. This paper proposed the design and architecture of a new concept of smart stick for blind people.

Revolutionizing mobility for visually impaired folks worldwide. The highlevel project architecture is also displayed and explained before moving into component selection for the engineering prototype. The advantage of the system lies i n the fact that it can prove to be a very low cost solution. Smart cane for visually impaired people the ieee maker. The developed project facilitates blind persons in a manner that they can handle any obstacle, wet material, uneven surface, etc.

Chew 2012 proposed the smart white cane, called blind spot that combines. Ultrasonic blind walking stick as shown in diagrams there are two openings in ultrasonic sensor first is transmitter or trigger and second is receiver or echo. The stick uses ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection. The other is a small remote rf transmitter circuit which will be used to locate the main circuit. The advantage of the system lies i n the fact that it can prove to be a very low cost solution to millions of blind person worldwide. Training techniques manual for mobility instructors. An oakville high school student is developing new type of white cane to assist the blind and visually impaired. The smart blind stick automatically detects the obstacle in front of the person and gives a response to the person by vibrating the stick and with a warning sound. Smart walking stick for visually impaired people using. Ultrasonic smart stick for visually impaired people. The conventional and archaic navigation aids for persons with visual impairments are the walking cane also called white cane or stick and guide dogs which are characterized by a many imperfections. We are modifying this cane with some electronics components and sensors so that cane can become smart cane. Firstly, we need to collect all the parts that we needed. Smart cane final paper rutgers school of engineering.

Jun 26, 2019 after msp430 powered, the blind people can start using the smart blind stick. You can save your favorite places and get turnbyturn and clockwise navigation through the cane while your phone is in your pocket. Ultrasonic blind walking stick project nevon projects. The main aim of this project is to detect nearby obstacle and. A smartcane solves the above challenges and empowers visually impaired through independent and safe mobility. The difference is that the smart cane is equipped with ultrasonic sensor, water sensor and circuit box can be placed.

This paper proposes the design and development of a smart stick in order to help the visually impaired people. How to make a smart cane for the visually impaired with arduino. Output from the android mobile applications 5 future scope and conclusion the technologies behind blind sticks are upgrading day by day. Revolutionary smart cane for the visually impaired indiegogo. This project is aimed at developing two systems to address these problems. But, with smart blind stick, it will help them to get notification on the obstacle by a sound generated by buzzer. Introducing the revolutionary smart cane wewalk applevis. Blind stick is used by blind to avoid obstacles and walk around. Smart stick for blind man research india publications. Using this smart blind stick, a visually impaired person can walk without anyones help. This project will operate to help all the blind people in the world.

This study proposes a new technique for designing a smart stick to help visually impaired people that will provide them navigation. Pdf smart blind walking stick editor ijmter academia. Abstract the smart walking stick helps blind people to perform navigation and to do their work easily and. The smart stick for the blind as the name suggests is a device for the visually impaired to guide the user to respective destination and avoiding to collide with the obstacles. Ultrasonic blind walking stick using arduino circuit. Pdf the smartcane for blind people an electronically smart stick. Based on the observation on the traditional white cane, the blind people will always swing around the blind stick to get a confirmation on their surrounding.

Development of smart cane an affordable kneeabove obstacle detection and warning system for the visually impaired project funded by. Wewalk smart cane for visually impaired or blind people. How to make smart blind stick with arduino arduino project. There is an estimated number of over 250 million visually impaired people world health organization in the world and 50 million are using a cane. Sep 07, 2019 here we will make a smart stick for blind person by using arduino and ultrasonic sensor. This project is a smart stick which is capable of detecting any obstacle, detect water and corners and even allow the user to find the stick if anyhow missed by the user by pressing a remote switch. One is the main circuit which will be mounted on the blind mans stick. Eece498 electrical engineering senior design project final. The blind stick is integrated with ultrasonic sensor along with light and water sensing. And our model ensures one thing that is making the task of moving of a blind person easy and comfortable.

Its an ancient way for blind persons to make them walk easily. Smart gloves for blind irjetinternational research. Obstacle detection is one of the major concerns for a fully or a partially blind person e. Sensing a line and manoeuvring the robot to stay on course, while constantly correcting wrong moves using feedback mechanism forms a simple yet effective. Long white cane is a traditional mobility tool used to detect obstacles in the path of a blind person.

The device is designed with an intention to sort out common issues faced by the blind people while using traditional sticks. The difference is that the sm art cane is equippe d with ultrasonic s ensor, w ater sensor an d circuit box can be. Smart stick for blind using raspberry pi system is easy to understand and maintain. Smart blind walking stick using pic16f876 can be successfully developed. Design and controlled field testing of an affordable obstacle detection system. Pdf visually impaired people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them, during walking. Prototype smart cane could transform lives of the blind and. Sep 10, 2017 using this arduino smart cane, a visually impaired person can walk without anyones help. Pdf this paper reports on a study that helps visuallyimpaired people to walk. I hope you guys enjoy learning this project and this diy tutorial will be useful for you help blind. However, white cane cannot detect overhanging objects like tree branches, sign boards, open glass windows, etc. Pdf smart blind stick project using arduino and sensors. Through this the blind person can be aware of the obstacles in front of him. The system also takes the measure to ensure their safety.

Vaibhav singh, rohan paul, dheeraj mehra and 10 others, smart cane for the visually impaired. It uses two ultrasonic sensors hc sr 04 to detect the depth below or the obstacles in between. As we can see an arduino nano is used to control all. Smart cane will be the first affordable electronic travel aid and it can be made to reach of large percentage of blind population. Besides that, cost is also a weakness in this project as it uses. Also the smart blind cane is designed to be foldable so that it is easy for the user to keep. The purpose of a cane is to provide feedback about obstacles within the users immediate path of travel, and i think that your goal of providing information about objects that would not normally be detectable by a cane is very interesting because although there are already devices on the market that can perform this task, providing this functionality through just one device could be. Firstly we need to collect all the parts that we needed. Smart cane cad model l eft and closeup view of the device being used by volunteers.

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