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Flambards is the first of a trillogy, flambards, the edge of the cloud, and flambards in summer, published in the lats sixties. The series is set in england just before, during, and after world war i. She was also a commended runnerup for the carnegie medal six times in eight years during the 1960s. Alternatively, flambards is the trilogy 19671969 or series 19671981 named after its first book.

Flambards is a novel for children or young adults by k. Peyton, first published by oxford university press in 1967 with illustrations by victor ambrus. Her writing is realistic, fast paced and full of sensory details in each situation throughout the book. Obviously, i loved it and will read more of the flambards books in the series. Four totally absorbing novels about twelveyearold christina sent to live with her fierce uncle and his two sons in their decaying mansion, flambards. Peyton is best known for the flambards series, originally a trilogy though she later added a fourth book, which begins before the outbreak of the first world war when orphaned heiress christina. The novels are set from 1908 to around the end of the first world war. In the first of our new series about inspirational childrens book creators, linda newbery revisits k m peyton. In 1981 k m peyton added a sequal, flambards divided. The swallow tales it was nearly thirty years later that a wise bookseller put me on to more of peytons books.

Peyton has 75 books on goodreads with 17144 ratings. Author of the flambards series and a pattern of roses, both of. The first in a brilliant series set just before the start of the first world war. Peyton through reading her middle grade novel flybynight, i was totally ready for flambards, which lived up to my expectations and fueled my excitement for more of k. A twelve years old cristina parsons has been shunted around the family since she was orphaned at the age of five. One of the books was the first flambards book, another. Flambards is the first book in the series, and my second favourite, my favourite being the edge of the cloud. They paint a passionate, charming and quintessentially english picture of life and love in a times of great change. The second book in the flambards trilogy, winner of the guardian. Ending flambards in summer with dick and christina beginning a romantic relationship just felt forced an unauthentic to me. K m peyton convincingly portrays the passion, uncertainty and intensity of young love.

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