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Compare your highscores with your friends and show them whos the best. Each time i see street artists pose like statues, i cant help but be amazed at their makeup skills and in how they can keep so still. Section 172 of the highway traffic act in ontario states that no person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest, while performing a stunt or on a bet or wager the case we hear of so often is a person driving 50km or more over the speed limit. When these rookie driving instructors saw who their student was, they thought this would be a really long day.

The stunt driver chris nielsen the stunt driver home commercials features television links about contact. Become the police car driver and race your car on the highway bringing havoc in the city. Download over 163 stunt driver royalty free stock video footage, motion backgrounds, and after effects templates and more. Take stunt driving classes at a school like the one run by bobby ore. Stunt driving school the original and best stunt driving. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. We agreed like our facebook page for behind the scenes. A driving school thought itd be funny to prank some of the new driving instructors that were starting work with them. Theyd provide a student for the newbies to teach driving to.

Crazy old man driving prank rally driver petter solberg amg. Professional racer pranks driving instructors 9news. Movie world, which originally opened on 26 december 2008. You can reach them at 8188805678, or on the web at. It was the first day on the job for a few driving instructors in malaysia, they believed it was a regular day and they were teaching a young woman. Ice cube, kevin hart and conan help a student driver conan on tbs duration.

A driving school approached us and thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job, explains, who orchestrated the stunt. Rick seamans stunt driving school is now celebrating its 23rd year of providing the most extensive stunt driving training available in the u. Stunt driver is a polygonal racing game released for msdos in 1990. So they approached maxman tv who had just the idea. Stunt driver is an oldie stunt car simulation by spectrum holobyte featuring a 1966 shelby mustang ready for you to drive to perfection. The job title rallystunt driver has to be one of the coolest occupations in the world.

Racing pro pranks student driving instructors on their. Racer girl pranks these impatient driving instructors with. Undercover professional driver pranks driving instructors with her insane drifting skills. Girl drifter race driver freaks out instructors in prank. Driving lesson from the worlds youngest stunt driver. At stunt drive uk we understand that the quality of the corporate day you organise for your clients or employees reflects directly on your business. The bobby ore motorsports stunt driving school will show you what you can expect from a career in stunt driving. Maybe hes another lost soul come to get it on, get it on child. Working with stunt coordinators, photographers and camera operators, stewert drives with a very high level of accuracy. The woman driving the car is leona chin, who is a professional stunt driver dressed up in disguise. Original stunt driving school best stunt driving school. Tv, were approached by a malaysian driving school that thought it would be. A nerdy asian woman, its like triple whammy of bad driving.

After rude remarks by the customers she turns it up a notch see what happens in this funny prank. Stunt driver allows the player to control a 60s mustang car and take on three different opponents in a virtually unlimited amount of courses thanks to the included course editor. To create a boot disc for stunt driver cdrom if you are unable to run stunt driver cdrom due to insufficient memory, you will need to create a boot disc. Professional motorsports driver leona chin pranked four driving school instructors on their first day of work. A stunt driver has to be accurate with the driving and respectful of the vehicles. All locations have plenty of parking and are very easy to get to especially with our handy guides. The twoway leona chin stalled her highpowered car in first gear and randomly turned the wipers on before unleashing the skills. Drifter girl rocks, her driver instructor s shocked. Stuntdriving grandma gets reprieve from judge the star. Driving a police car while performing stunts and jumps on the ramps across the city and offroad town right beside the city. A stunt driver explains how to do stunt driving top gear.

Ore has been in the business for over thirty years as a professional driver and his classes are among the best available. What the instructors didnt know was that it was all a prank. Do flips and jump from the highest ramp to make a record. Drive through 20 different levels and get the best time. The stunt was captured in an online video that showed chin pretend to be a novice and. A driving school approached us and thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job. Pro drifter pranks driving instructors motor authority. With over 22 credits to his name and movies such as need for speed, antman and ben afflecks recent the accountant under his belt, professional stunt driver david alessi knows a thing or two about. But fords go faster experience isnt like other driving experiences. The definitive guide to becoming a professional stunt driver professional stunt driver may be the greatest job title in history.

Smooth and realistic car handling 20 diffrent levels with various obstacles overview. Drifter girl rocks, her driver instructors shocked. A sequel to the show, titled hollywood stunt driver 2 made its debut in february 2014 the first revision of the show replaced the police academy stunt show and put guests in the middle of an action movie set on location in italy where stunt drivers are shooting the scenes for the. This edit will also create new pages on giant bomb for. I got the first part but i dont know how to do the second part. Youll also learn things that you cant learn on your.

Aitken is there more to a stunt driving charge than just driving too fast. Stunt coordinator jeremy fry was behind the wheel for many of them. Sales girl drifts customers in pickup truck maxmantv youtube. Ford mustang being driven fast by a female stunt driver. Once weve established a baseline, we will begin to break bad habits and introduce techniques that will allow for the safest, most consistent stunt driving maneuvers available today. According to her facebook page, chin has been in the motorsport scene for seven years now, be it 12 hours endurance races, rallying or drifting so, a youtube channel focusing on social experiments and pranks, decided to play a little trick on unaware driving school instructors on their first day at work. A driving instructor met a drifter girl and got his pants wet.

You are given city full of stunts and ramps, perform jumps flips and achieve the. In this video professional model and race driver becomes a chauffeur. A brilliant and incredibly funny prank that amazing girl racer leona chin played on unsuspecting driving school instructors. A stunt driver will drive a vehicle to a precise set of instructions directed by the director. Hollywood stunt driver is a stunt show at warner bros. Watch a pro stunt driver prank driving instructors on. Stunt drivers careening, crashing, doing 360s, driving under the trailer of a semi or sailing through the air in a car constitutes a good day at the office for some people. Its the stunt drivers expertise that helps make the trajectory and performance of the vehicle, plus the safety of the cast and crew, predictable. Meet the stunt driver behind baby drivers crazy car. The players driving style must be adjusted according to the opponents behavior. We are also the only training program recognized by film and television industries throughout north america with over 2,100 graduates, many who now have huge careers in the hollywood stunt driving. Drive rush new zealand new zealands only stunt car. How to become a stunt driver driver knowledge test dkt.

Asian model turns driver gone wrong professional racer. Play stunt driver compete over 8 crazy events to become stunt driver of the year. Take the wheel as you jump a car ramp to ramp 2 metres high in the air. The stunt man drives down the test track, hits 60plusmph and then fires a cannon underneath the floor to roll the car.

The game is very similar to distinctive softwares stunts both in game design and premise, although not nearly as popular there are various tracks to race on, ranging from a oval training course to more tricky stunt courses with loopings, bridge jumps and. Carl mullan gets a driving lesson from the worlds youngest professional stunt driver say hello to year old fionn condron from stunt drive. But not all see the funny side of the stunt, with one exiting the vehicle as it comes to a halt and slamming the door behind. Thinkin hes a stunt driver drives with no headlights on maybe he lost his way maybe he lost his home maybe aint got no soul maybe its in the lost and found maybe hes sideways maybe hes upside down. A former member of the mercedes silver arrows stunt display team, stewerts precision stunt driving has featured in movies, tv commercials, online, in top magazines, and in promotions for car manufacturers. Girl drifter leona chin pranks driving school instructors. Interview with james bond spectre stunt driver mark higgins. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Driving instructor didnt expect that he is a professional autostuntman, not a beginner. During his recent visit to sydney man of many got a chance to speak with mark about cars, driving and james. He just parked on the lawn you know it dont give two shits hes wakin to the morning sun maybe its time to quit maybe he ain. Pepsi max jeff gordon commercial prank drive youtube. Leona chin, together with social experiments and pranks specialist maxman. Shes a womens racing champion and pretty badass in general.

These classes and schools teach you the tricks and skills you need to make it as a stunt driver. But youre not going to take a twoday bobby ore course and come out of there ready to drive in commercials. You will get the opportunity to have a choice of three different cars. All stunt drivers, hollywood stunt drivers, professional. We therefore make it our business to represent you by providing high quality, memorable and fun experiences for your guests within a safe, well managed and inspirational environment. If theyre in the elite group of professional drivers who work fulltime on commercials, television shows.

Woman race car driver pretending to be student shocks driving. This professional stunt driving school is designed for those wanting to learn or refine their behindthewheel skill. Ford mustang female stunt driver plays dumb blonde on blind. The original stunt driving school operates in melbourne and is located at sandown raceway only 20mins from melbourne cbd. These artists usually choose a spot with a lot of people, like parks for example, and stand there motionless for hours. Jeff gordon, nascar driver pranks car salesman youtube. Worldrenowned stunt driver ben collins takes you on a gripping, adrenalinefilled joy ride as he hunts for the perfect stunt car for a highoctane, hollywoodstyle car chase. The premise is that youre a movie stunt driver a novice, and this is your first film. Undercover professional driver pranks driving instructors. Were not sure funny would be the first word these driver s ed instructors would choose to describe the experience, but it sure is entertaining to.

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