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Ridley scott states his three main weapons in making it look good and to hide the. Making blade runner pics, images, clips, trailers, production photos and more from rotten. Hampton fancher born july 18, 1938 is a former actor who became a producer and screenwriter in the late 1970s. The pirate bay the galaxys most resilient bittorrent site. The making of blade runner, there is a reference to director ridley scott presenting an eighth version, a nearly fourhourlong early cut, that was shown only to studio personnel. How would you rank blade runner stuff across all mediums. Oct 31, 2017 dangerous days making blade runner 2007. The writing process, finding of a director, finding of financiers, art inspiration, and early clashes are chronicled. Jul 22, 2019 the international theatrical release of blade runner almost identical to the us theatrical release, its just more violent and disturbing. Apr 07, 2020 next up is the 211 minute dangerous days. Watching it on the big screen for the limited theatrical engagement of this definitive cut i was. The us theatrical cut 1982, the international theatrical cut 1982 and the directors cut 1992. I owned the 5disc boxset in a tin which came with this 4 hour documentary dangerous days which only takes 8 years until you feel like watching it.

Dangerous days making blade runner 2007 480p 2ch 3subs x265. The following is a timeline of these various versions. The title blade runner came from a book by beat author. Blade runner the final cut twodisc special edition.

Three and a half hours for a film that doesnt even go for two. Dec, 2016 harrison ford and ryan gosling on acting, blade running, and their pecs blade runner 2049 wired duration. An incredible wealth of vintage production material was unearthed from the vaults for that release, including some 977 cans of original film negative. Fancher wrote a screenplay with the same title as dicks book. Finally, in 2007 and some 25 years after the films debut, fans of blade runner finally had the chance to see it as its director intended. Bryant wants deckard to retire leon and the other three nexus6 replicants. The definitive threeandahalf hour documentary about. Making blade runner video 2007 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. It contains the same voiceover narration by harrison ford and the same happy ending that was forced into the us theatrical version but contains graphic scenes that in some ways makes the storyline more compelling with more. With daryl hannah, michael deeley, harrison ford, joanna cassidy. The famous actor, harrison ford, is also in the clip. Making blade runner pictures and photo gallery check out just released dangerous days.

Disc 3 archival versions contains three previous versions of the film. Blade runner is a 1982 science fiction film directed by ridley scott, and written by hampton. Among the bonus material highlights is dangerous days, a brand new, threeandahalfhour. Note that the final cut images below are photographs of the. Dangerous days is a good illustration of the magical chaos of studio filmmaking and a refutation of narrowminded auteurism. Oct 06, 2017 in blade runners 1992 directors cut release and 2007s the final cut, the voiceover was removed. Blade runner 2049 2017 blade runner 1982 the final cut. I then combined this with multiple shots from a variety of cameras, generally speeded up or filmed in timelapse. For me, ill never forget the scene in the original where deckard is cleaning up after getting beaten by leon, and a beam of light cuts through the window straight into the camera for a moment, illuminating the blood from his mouth as it diffuses into the shot glass of liquor, and the eerie. Making blade runner 2007 3 archival versions contains three previous versions of the film. Queens blade season 12 bdrip 1280x720 dualaudio uploaded 0706 2012, size 5. The final cut bluray release from 2007 you can read that here.

The final cut for the films twentyfifth anniversary. Warner bros has combined discs two, four, and five from the 25th anniversary editions of blade runner, made possible because most of the original bonus material was limited to 480pimpeg2 video only remember, discs two and four from the 2007 release were standard dvds. The definitive threeandahalf hour documentary about the troubled creation and. There are some things you cant get enough of and blade runner is definitely one of those. For this making of video, i used the complete original mix of the soundtrack for my fan short, dangerous days. The definitive threeandahalf hour documentary about the troubled creation and enduring legacy of the science fiction classic blade runner 1982, culled from 80 interviews and hours of neverbeforeseen outtakes and lost footage. At 15, he ran away to spain to become a flamenco dancer and renamed himself mario montejo. Dangerous days the making of a fan short for blade runner. Watching it on the big screen for the limited theatrical engagement of this. I then combined this with multiple shots from a variety. It probably misses or only just latches onto my top 100.

Making blade runner trailer from the final cut dvd youtube. The making of blade runner 1996 blade runner 2019 2019 blade runner 9732 2018 2048. The 4k release is pressed onto a bd66 disc while the other three discs are merely the same disc 1, 2, and 4 more on that in a bit, of the original 5disc release of blade runner from 2007. I went kicking and screaming to the studio to record it. It is a comprehensive look at a film that failed upon its release but has become a cult hit and a film way ahead of its time. The making of blade runner 2007 the art and soul of blade runner 2049 2017 future noir. Making blade runner, comprehensive documentary on the making of the film. Clocking in at 3 andahalf hours in length this making of feature on blade runner is way longer than the movie itself.

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